It’s 2014 and yes, Nizam STILL plays a lot of Games!

This is where I blog on random stuff, ranging from life happenings, gadgets, games and almost on anything that caught my attention.

I now own a Nokia Lumia 1520 as a secondary device for mobile gaming. My primary device is a one-year old Lumia 920. In order to be able to play some of the latest mobile games, I use an iPad3.

While I check out games on various platforms, I usually game on Xbox360 and on PS3, due to economic reasons. I used to invest in Collector’s Editions and special bundles if I find them worth the value, but in order to stretch my funds across more titles, I settle for normal editions.

In the past, most of my photos on Tumblr were from an iPhone 3GS, i did switch to Samsung Galaxy S II in August 2011 and then to Samsung Galaxy Note in December 2011. They are great devices but since my brother wanted to use my Galaxy Note, I decided to take the opportunity to try out a Windows Phone 7 – Nokia Lumia 800.

If I’m not plugged in, you might catch me watching movies, sitcoms, dramas and WWE shows.

If you have a product or service in a related line, and would like to consider marketing it through my channels, I would love to hear more..


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