4 comments on “Mindblowing: Astro A40 with MixAmp Pro

  1. So are you going to invest in a set of A40 soon? It is really cool that with wired headset, you can still use the headset with other mobile devices. It is not possible to do so with wireless gaming headset.


  2. Nicely written review. It’s indeed an awesome headset. Having owned both Turtle Beach XP Seven (the current official MLG headset) and Astro A40 (the then-official MLG headset), both have their pros and cons.
    Both sound amazing in general. Having own a couple of high-end headphones/earphones for audio listening, I would say A40 gives a slightly clearer and a more defined sound with its mixamp pro.
    XP seven has more features. But you won’t use all of them. Can be a little overwhelmed with the many features.
    A40 is indeed easy and simple to setup and use.
    Built wise, A40 feels more durable and sturdy than XP Seven. My XP Seven sent for repair/replacement 2x oledi.
    This is just my opinion and experience with those 2 gaming headsets.


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