2 comments on “Review: Bioshock Infinite and my love/hate relationship with it

  1. I’m not sure whether I’m enjoying it as much or not. I never got through Bioshock 1, as much as I thought it was fresh and different. I guess the combat is just dragging me down in the game now… It’s not quite exciting enough like a Halo. Maybe it’s the pacing? I want to find out more about Elizabeth, but things seem to be unraveling very very slowly and the combat just feels very regular and normal to me. Oh well… it’s just not grabbing me the way recent games like SimCity and Heart of the Swarm did.


    • I agree that the pacing is slow in the initial hours of the game. Or perhaps it’s because we’re so used to meeting Big Daddies and helping Little Sisters to safety. In Infinite, the characters are different. Hang in there, the pace will pick up soon. Just focus on getting Elizabeth out of there.


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