6 comments on “Saints Row The Third – your key to a crazy city

  1. Hey bud, I sent you a message on xbox, if you could please hook me up with pictures of the codes for the online and the pre-order content, I am willing to send you an MSP code for 800 points. Hit me up please


  2. You know that the City the game is set in is NOT the one that was featured in SR1 and 2. SR3 is Steelport. SR1 and 2 was Stillwater. How can you be familiar with the City when it is new to the game. Thats pretty poor research and writing.


  3. Hi Johan. Thanks for the correction! I thought there was a Steelport area in the previous series, but that’s my bad research. How far are you in SR3? Are you playing on Xbox360, PS3 or PC?


  4. Nizam, i just got a copy of SR3 from a retailer in SG.

    my manual is just a flimsy 3 page fold out thing. is it the same as yours? feels kind of dodgy. but my game did come still sealed in the shrink wrap and the MS green sticker intact.


    • hey bro, you’re right. most publishers try to be green by cutting down on such resources. Fear not, there is a digital game manual within the game! Cheers!


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