7 comments on “Xbox360 19 Jan 2011 System settings update

  1. Seems that boot to disc wasn’t the only update in that update as i been hearing that people cant play there copyed games anymore good thing really


  2. Any of you guys know how to factory reset the 360 after the Update? I haven’t seen the Parental update i have on it in ages so i forgot the password.


    • Hi, to do Factory Reset, you have to go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Initial Setup’.

      If you’re looking for Family Settings, it’s one of the tabs on ‘My Xbox’ row.


  3. Doesn’t the Initial set up delete the gamer score and erase all your memory?

    I just need to get rid of the Family Pass Code so that i can remake a new one. But the problem is i have no idea what the password is since i have not seen it in ages.


  4. I think I still have a life – I actually did not switch on the console today – yippee! I am on the wagon :-0

    Updates are only meant for security patches – they keep telling us its for our security when actually it is for theirs. Some consoles have more patches than a quilt!


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