2 comments on “GTA Episodes from Liberty City : To Download or Buy?

  1. You forgot to add the ultimate deal-breaker between both versions – the radio stations.Episodes from Liberty City contains ONLY the music from TLaD and TBoGT, with none from vanilla GTA IV, but it has three exclusive stations, namely Vice City FM, RamJam and Self-Actualization FM. However, TBoGT (downloaded) allows you to listen to radio from GTA IV, TLaD and TBoGT all at once if you own TLaD too.This actually makes it hard for fans like myself to decide. But the choice should be pretty straightforward. No fan in their right mind would want to miss out on the three radio stations, especially Vice City FM – so the disc version would be the obvious choice, not to mention the manual and the box for keepsakes.Initially I had intended to purchase both versions, but thank god R* sent me a "royalty-free" code for TBoGT. Best of both worlds, I guess.


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